• The New Geologic Epoch, online exhibition + printed book

    The New Geologic Epoch, online exhibition + printed book

    "For this exhibition, member artists/scientists illuminate the transformations that have led us to the current human epoch, now referred to as the Anthropocene.

    The New Geologic Epoch presents work relating to or commenting on geological transformations in the land including commentary on previous works by Earth or Land artists. The works reference our evolution leading to the precarious situation we find ourselves in today with massive scarring of the planet's surfaces due to mining and the impacts of the built environment with the development of dams, bridges, roads, and sprawling urban cities. Works include a wide range of media with drawings, watercolors, collage, textile, sculpture, ceramic, painting, photography, sound, video, film, installation, performative, and eco-remediation.

    The New Geologic Epoch captures the shifting baselines in the landscape, which over time have become the new normal."
    - Patricia Watts

    The New Geologic Epoch is published in conjunction with the online exhibition organized by ecoartspace ©2023

    208 Pages
    ISBN: 979-8-9884004-1-7

    Juried by Mary Mattingly
    Introduction by Patricia Watts
    Edited by Patricia Watts
    Design by Tyler Owens with Dexin Chen

    Artist Statement:

    Strata presents a timeline of sorts, and is inspired by ice and sediment core sampling, various geological formations and stratifications, and topographical patterns. The multi panel installation calls to mind glaciers and various land formations, along with conditions created by global warming and climate change, such as melt water, flooding, and endangered areas that I have indicated by the hot orange-pink color, a color that I associate with an emergent situation. Strata is my interpretation of an organizational structure that considers the Anthropocene. My art is rooted in the exploration and representation of landscape inspired by my travel to isolated northern locations and interprets landscape and place as Image, object, and installation. In the studio, I am continually re(de)fining what landscape is, hopefully creating a context that exists somewhere between the real and the imagined, as observations and memories are combined with my research concerning the environment and other critical issues of our time.

  • The Ballinglen Arts Foundation

    The Ballinglen Arts Foundation

    Levinthal accepted to Ballinglen's Fellowship Programme in Ireland in 2022 www.ballinglenartsfoundation.org/fellow…

    "The Ballinglen Arts Foundation provides a residency award - The Fellowship Programme - enabling Irish and international artists to spend time working in rural Ireland to benefit both the artist and the community. Since 1992, the Foundation has facilitated hundreds of artists from the United States, Europe, and Asia to come to the small coastal village of Ballycastle, County Mayo, Ireland to experience the same inspiration."

  • Solo Show

    Solo Show

    Between Two Rivers, Elliott Gallery, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL

    October 11 - November 12, 2021

    This exhibition, Between Two Rivers, is an exploration and response to the waterways in and around Philadelphia, PA. The work is a documentation of place as well as a diaristic record of my studio practice during the pandemic.

  • Woodmere Annual, 78th Juried Exhibition

    Eileen Neff, Juror

    Woodmere's Annual Juried Exhibition, Second Nature: The Poetics of Re-presentation, highlights contemporary work in a wide variety of media by artists living within fifty miles of the museum. This year's juror, Eileen Neff, has selected works that engage the poetics of re-presentation


    David Aipperspach, Linda Lee Alter, Steven Baris, Philippa Beardsley, Rita Bernstein,
    Sarah Bloom, Matthew Borgen, Agathe Bouton, John Breakey, Sophie Brenneman,
    Thomas Brummett, Lindsay Buchman, Haley Burns, Ryan Busch, John Carlano, Ivana Carman, Neill Catangay, Jacintha Clark, Alex Cohen, Carol Cole, Annson Conaway, Nancy Cooke, Donna Czapiga, Micah Danges, Ilana Dodelson, Samantha Dominik, Charles Emlen, Stephanie Fenner, Virginia Fleming, Evan Fugazzi, Kiki Gaffney, Raffaele Gans-Pfister, Qingsheng Gao, Marissa Georgiou, Bill Gerhard, Tom Goodman, Alex Griffin, Elizabeth Hamilton, Laura Beamesderfer Havlish, Nancy Clearwater Herman, Maddie Hewitt, Sean Hildreth, Ditta Baron Hoeber, John Holsinger, Sharka Hyland, Olivia Jia, Rod Jones II, Sam Jones, Melissa Joseph, Tom Judd, Clint Jukkal, Bruce Katsiff, David Kettner, Ron Klein , Mari Elaine Lamp, Booyoung Lee, Anne Leith, Bonnie Levinthal, Tiantian Li, Adam Lovitz, Bonnie MacAllister, Patrick Maguire, Tilda Mann, Charles Mason III, Silas McDonough, Illya Mousavijad, Chelsea Nader, Matt Neff, Chau Nguyen, Nathan Pankratz, Valerie Pfaff, Bruce Pollock, Kaitlin Pomerantz, DeJeonge Reese, Clare Robinson, Alexander Rosenberg, Marta Sanchez, Phillip Scarpone, Meredith Sellers, Keith Sharp, Teresa Shields, Stuart Shils, Elizabeth Silbaugh, Lawrence Souder, Julia Staples, Melinda Steffy, Marcelino Stuhmer, Tiffany Tate, Blaise Tobia, Mat Tomezsko, Eric Toscano, Katherine Volpe, Michael Ward-Rosenbaum, Austen Weymueller

    Digital Exhibition Catalogue: Here

  • Abington artist explores Another World in the Arctic

  • Solo Exhibition at Napoleon Gallery

    Solo Exhibition at Napoleon Gallery

    Bonnie Levinthal

    Another World
    by a route obscure...

    February 1 -24, 2019
    Opening Reception Feb1, 6-10 pm

    319 n 11th Street, 2L
    Philadelphia, PA 19107


    Archipelago, 2018
    mixed media on yupo
    9" x 12"

  • New Radicals at Cerulean Arts in Philadelphia, PA

    New Radicals at Cerulean Arts in Philadelphia, PA

    New Radicals at Cerulean Arts featuring 14 Philadelphia connected painters chosen for their subtle, slow and pleasureful commitment to their practice: Rebekah Callaghan, Mariel Capanna, Alex Cohen, Evan Fugazzi, Claire Kincade, Bonnie Levinthal, Adam Lovitz, Dustin Metz, John Mitchell, Samantha Mitchell, Kaitlin Pomerantz, Liza Samuel, Bill Scott and Leigh Werrell. While the work varies in form and subject, an intimate relationship with mark, color and surface is consistent. These 14 demonstrate a loving restraint, a respect for the mystery that unfolds in process and a deference for the maker’s hand. In the face of current trends, this careful work feels radical. I look to these painters as an antidote, as proof that the greatest painting can still be deeply felt and personal. And I take great interest in the way this groundswell is happening here, two hours south of New York.
    – Aubrey Levinthal

    Cerulean Arts
    1355 Ridge Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19123

    Exhibition review here

  • The Arctic Circle Residency

    The Arctic Circle Residency

    Levinthal has been accepted to the The Arctic Circle Residency for the Autumn Art & Science Expedition for Fall 2018.

    "International artists, scientists, educators and innovators will live and work aboard a Barquentine Tall Ship while sailing the waters of the international territory of Svalbard, an Arctic archipelago just 10 degrees latitude from the North Pole.

    The Arctic Circle program provides opportunity for artists and innovators to pursue their personal projects on board while exploring collaboration with the expedition’s fellow participants. The vessel and home during her time in the remote Arctic, a traditionally rigged Barquentine, is equipped with workspace, common areas, and ample room for privacy and creativity."

  • Bridgette Mayer Gallery Benefit Exhibition for Friends of the Rail Park

    Bridgette Mayer Gallery Benefit Exhibition for Friends of the Rail Park
  • Autumnus at OTOMYS Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

    Otomys Gallery
    Saturday 17th March / 10 - 5pm
    567 Victoria St Abbotsford VIC 3000
    Curated to draw on the energy of shorter days and cooler nights. Sit for a moment and listen to music selected by artists to accompany their works - Celia Gullett and Trevor Mein included. Supported by a wide range of new and
    exisiting artists; Bonnie Levinthal, Caroline Denervaud, Gill Rocca, Heike Davies, Hugh Ramage, Kim Baker, Laelie Berzon, Liza Lacroix, Susan Knight and Zarah Cassim.

  • NES Art Residency Alumni Exhibition, Akureyri, Iceland

    NES Art Residency Alumni Exhibition, Akureyri, Iceland

    This exhibition celebrates 10 years for the Nes International Art Residency. Two exhibitions will be held, one in the Deiglan Gallery in Akureyri, Iceland from June 13-15 and the other from June 22-24 at NES in Skagastrond, Iceland.

    Artwork: Night Sky (Iceland), mixed media on yupo, 10" x 12", 2018

  • Lumen Residency 2017 Exhibition at the Crypt Gallery in London

    Lumen Residency 2017 Exhibition at the Crypt Gallery in London

    This exhibition is the culmination of the Lumen Residency in Atina, Italy in August 2017.

    The exhibition has been curated by Louise Beer, Melanie King, Rebecca Huxley and Natasha Sabatini

    Opening Party: 19th January, 7-9pm
    Exhibition Continues: 20-21 January 2018, 7-9pm
    Venue: The Crypt Gallery


    Mario Abela • Jenny Akerlund • Louise Beer • Stephen Bennett • Joshua Bourke • Sarah Bissell • Chiara Bugatti • Helen Cawley • Victoria Doyle • Nettie Edwards • Carly Florentine • Juan Garza • Frankie Gao • Anna Gray • John Hooper • Rebecca Huxley • Aria Kiani • Melanie King • Bonnie Levinthal • Jill Mueller • Priya Odedra • Julie Pasila • Silvano Roque • Natasha Sabitini • Arezu Salamzadeh • Olga Suchanova • Diego Valente • Charmaine Watkiss

    Artwork: Constellation (Perseid/Atina), acrylic and ink on yupo on panel, 11" x 14", 2017

  • Modern Ancient Land at Otomys Gallery in Melbourne, Australia

    Modern Ancient Land at Otomys Gallery in Melbourne, Australia

    Modern Ancient Land at OTOMYS
    Bonnie Levinthal, Eduardo Santos, Sophia Szilagyi and Zuza Mengham

    October 26th – November 24th, 2017

    Artwork: Earthview 3, ink on paper, 22" x 30", 2016

  • Solo Exhibition at C.R. Ettinger Studio

    Solo Exhibition at C.R. Ettinger Studio

    There and Somewhere
    a show of prints and print-based work (and a few paintings)

    September 5 - October 18th, 2017

    Reception: Saturday September 9th 6-8 PM

    CR Ettinger Studio Gallery
    2215 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146

    Email: crettingerstudio@gmail.com

    Installation view: Soil Samples (selected) 1983-2018

  • SEEP


    AUGUST 24 – SEPTEMBER 30, 2017

    Opening Reception: Thursday August 24, 2017 | 5 – 7 PM

    The Woskob Family Gallery is pleased to announce SEEP, a group exhibition presenting 11 contemporary artists hailing from across the country whose work engages with water. Curated by gallery director Ann Tarantino, the exhibition explores water from diverse viewpoints: whether as a medium for art-making, a springboard for exploring social justice issues, or as a metaphor for unknowable terrain. An abridged version made its debut at the Arlington Arts Center (Arlington, VA) in March 2017. SEEP features the work of artists Micaela Amateau Amato, Caetlynn Booth, Rob Carter, Ken Fandell, Bonnie Levinthal, Bethany Johnson, Giulia Piera Livi, Patrick McDonough, John Peña, Joseph Smolinski, and Jenna Spevack.

    Artwork: Glacier (Moraine), ink on yupo, 2016

  • Constellations: Cassiopeia, as part of ART NIGHT

    Constellations: Cassiopeia, as part of ART NIGHT

    Constellations: Cassiopeia

    Venue: Lumen Studios, The Crypt, St John on Bethnal Green, 200 Cambridge Heath Road, E2 9PA, London, England
    Date: 1 July 2017, 6pm - 12am.

    Lumen Studios present a unique installation for Art Night at the Lumen Crypt Gallery in The Crypt at St John on Bethnal Green, a church designed by Sir John Soane, who was known for his research on light and its' relationship to architecture. The presentation will include a variety of experimental projection-based installations that refer to the constellation Cassiopeia, which will be in the sky at the time of the exhibition. By doing this, Lumen aims to highlight the stars and constellations that are visible within the urban environment.


    Jenny Åkerlund www.jennyakerlund.com
    Louise Beer www.louisebeer.com
    Samuel Brzeski www.samuelbrzeski.com
    Frankie Gao www.frankiegaovisual.com
    Julie Hill www.juliehill.co.uk
    Rebecca Huxley www.rhuxley.com
    Melanie King www.melaniek.co.uk
    Eunjung Kim www.eunjung-kim.com
    Bonnie Levinthal www.bonnielevinthal.com
    Maria Macc www.mariamacc.co.uk
    Eva Rudlinger www.evarudlinger.co.uk
    Diego Valente www.diegovalente.co.uk

    The artists exhibiting in this show are involved with the Lumen Residency, having either participated in past Lumen residencies or are enrolled for this year.

    As part of Art Night 2017 // a free contemporary art festival taking place in exrtraordinary places around east London comprises of more than 70 free projects, for one night only!

    July 1, 6pm - midnight, East London
    All Art Night events are free and open to all
    Map your night http://www.artnight.london/
    @artnightldn #artnightldn

    Art Night 2017 is a collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery and curated by Fatos Üstek.

  • Lumen Residency in 2018

    Lumen Residency in Atina, Italy, 2017

  • Exhibiting work at the Den Fair with OTOMYS Gallery, Melbourne Australia

  • OTOMYS Gallery

    Selected works on paper from the Earthview Series are presently represented by the OTOMYS Gallery in Melbourne, Australia

  • Levinthal selected as Finalist for the 91st Annual International Competition at the Print Center

    The 91st Annual International Competition at the Print Center, Philadelphia, PA

    Jurors from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York: Kelly Baum, Cynthia Hazen Polsky and Leon Polsky Curator of Contemporary Art; and Jennifer Farrell, Associate Curator, Drawings and Prints selected the following 12 finalists and 54 semifinalists from the 400 applicants.

    Alice Leora Briggs
    TR Ericsson
    Maria Erikson
    Ellen Heck
    Logan Patrick Hill
    Sarah Hulsey
    Bonnie Levinthal
    Yoonmi Nam
    Serena Perrone
    Jenny Robinson
    David Tim
    Eva Wylie

  • Spring Group Show at Schmidt/Dean Gallery

    Spring Group Show at Schmidt/Dean Gallery

    April 22 - May 20th 2017

    1719 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19103 | 215.569.9433

    Robert Straight
    Bruce Pollock
    Deni Javas
    Bonnie Levinthal
    Mark Franchino
    Michael Willse
    Alida Fish
    Susan Hagen
    Sara Van Keuren
    Leila Cartier
    Stephen Estock
    Jan Baltzell
    Eleanor Miller
    Fritz Dieitel
    Alex Kanevsky
    Linda Adelstein
    Thomas Brummett

    Exhibition Catalog

  • SEEP


    SEEP curated by Ann Tarantino at the Arlington Arts Center
    SEEP explores the ways in which contemporary artists use water in their work, whether as subject matter, medium, or both. Water, in its myriad forms and interpretations—whether as a source of visual inspiration, a substance with social and political implications, or the actual stuff of art itself—is at the root of all the work in the exhibition. Taken together, the works offer a fuller understanding of how
    contemporary artists respond to, visualize, interpret, conceptualize, and see water today. Participating artists: Caetlynn Booth, Rob Carter, Rachel Farbiarz, Bonnie
    Levinthal, Giulia Livi, and Patrick McDonough.

    Curators Spotlight will be on view Jan. 21 - Mar 26, 2017 with opening reception Saturday Feb. 11, from 6 - 9 pm. Gallery talks with selected curators are scheduled for Saturday, March 4, 1 - 4pm.

    Exhibition Catalog Scroll to Page 18...



    Woodmere Art Museum
    June 14 – September 1, 2014

    The exhibition will feature works in a wide variety of media from artists living within 50 miles of the Museum. Works will be selected to create a cohesive presentation that explores contemporary themes and ideas within the arts of Philadelphia. The exhibition will be juried by artist Sarah McEneaney. In conjunction with this exhibition, some of McEneaney’s own work will be on view, and the artist will select objects for display from Woodmere’s collection that relate to the show’s themes.


    Between Matter and Experience is a group exhibition that represents the work of nine contemporary painters. While the visual vocabularies are diverse, there exists a shared humanist perspective that suggests the way it feels to move through the world without feigned knowing or emotional distance, expressing an openness to sensation of both paint and subject.

    The work reflects attention to the overlooked, the intimate, the awkward and imperfect, appreciates mystery, and possesses a curiosity for things hidden. In all the work, there is a suggestion of the existence of something not entirely present.

    This "between" state takes the form of the tension between abstraction and representation, between image and the physical form of the paint, and where a quality is present that resists naming.

    At the heart of this view, is the idea that this attention to humanness inspires a range of voices.

    This show grew from a small, casual dialogue between a few of the painters in this show into a larger discussion on painting. The original conversations traced the threads of continuity that weave through the work of these artists from different cities and generations.

    Partly facilitated by the personal relationships that connect them, or maybe as a result of seeing each other's work, but most likely due to something much more far-reaching and complex, these painters share an attitude on painting that manifests in quite different visual expressions. The decision for this particular grouping is to draw attention to how diverse that expression can be.

    Participating Artists:

    Betsey Batchelor
    Katherine Bradford
    Sarah Gamble
    Lauren Garvey
    Aubrey Levinthal
    Bonnie Levinthal
    Sarah McEneaney
    Krista Profitt
    Eleanor Ray

    June 4th – July 3rd
    Reception: Thursday, June 5th, 3-5pm

    President’s Office
    The University of the Arts
    Hamilton Hall
    320 S. Broad Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
    Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 – 5 pm


    Studio Visit C.R. Ettinger Studio



    Artist uses Travel as Inspiration by Kelley King (Scroll to Page 18...)

  • NES

    Artist Residency, Skagastrond, Iceland
    Levinthal accepted to Nes for March 2014.


    A Collaborative Project between Cuban and American Artists

    CUBA: Taller Experimental Graphica de la Habana
    November 2013 (in conjunction with the Women in the 21st Century International Conference, sponsored by the University of Havana)
    USA: Penn State Abington
    December 2013, January 2014

    Artists:Jacqueline Brito, Yamilys Brito, Betsey Batchelor, Alicia Leal, Bonnie Levinthal, Yvonne Love, Sarah McEneaney, Yasbel Perez

    The final collaborative works illustrate how the experience of collaboration changed viewpoints, exposed metaphoric boundaries and opened a richness of shared experience between the artists physical and artistic juxtapositions.


    Home Tour by Gabrielle Russomagno
    ILSA loves RICK


    Sampler: Small Works by 30 Artists
    Curated by Bill Scott

    April 17 – May 11, 2013
    Opening Reception: Friday, April 19, 5 – 8 pm
    Meet the Artists/Curator:
    Sunday, April 28, 1 – 4 pm
    Curator’s Talk at 2 pm

    Tristan Barlow · Philippa Beardsley · Marie Theres Berger ·
    Brian Boutwell · Linda Brenner · Amanda Bush · Lynne Campbell ·
    Mariel Capanna · Michael Ciervo · Ruth Formica · Jesse Friedman ·
    Evan Fugazzi · Hugh Hamrick · Hollis Heichemer · Eric Huckabee ·
    Mark Knobelsdorf · Millicent Krouse · Aubrey Levinthal ·
    Bonnie Levinthal · Aaron Lubrick · Kate McCrickard ·Barbara Mimnaugh · Andrea Packard · Benjamin Passione · Liz Price ·John Sevcik · Sterling Shaw · PJ Smalley · Magda Vitale · Ted Walsh

    Cerulean Arts is pleased to present Sampler: Small Works by 30 Artists, featuring paintings, sculpture and works on paper. Curated by artist Bill Scott, the exhibition comprises artists spanning generations, geography and artistic styles. Scott selected artists whose work he admires and enjoys viewing. From each artist, he chose signature pieces indicative of their style – abstract, representational, tonalist or colorist.

    Bill Scott is a color-based abstraction painter
    and printmaker. He is represented by Hollis Taggart Galleries, New York, where he has had four solo exhibitions. His work has been the
    subject of additional solo presentations in London, Philadelphia and
    San Francisco, and has been included in numerous group shows.